Welcome to your SPECIALIST in special fill materials for the brush industry. We have been developing, producing and supplying special materials, among others for the super finishing of surfaces, de-burring, polishing and other special applications, since 1999.

For specific operational requirements, such as high heat resistance, rigidity, elasticity or chemical resistance, in which the performance of conventional fill materials is inadequate, we have developed a range of new materials to individual specifications. This enables us to supply special materials to specific customer requirements, even in small lots.



Our programme includes:

HTF 2 Filaments,
HTF 3 Filaments,
HTF 4 Filaments,
HTF 5 Filaments,
Strong-Flex filaments, wrapped filaments, abrasive and non-abrasive,
Fibreglass material, pure or with nylon added,
Further fill materials are available on enquiry.