We are pleased to make recommendations on your polishing, super finishing and de-burring requirements.

Apart from our standard product range we are also able to accommodate your requirements for customised products.

Are you looking for:

other product sizes,
a different grit grade,
another filament diameter,
another diameter or length,
other packaging or pack sizes?

Please contact us!




The bundles are packed in shrink-wrap foil. The standard length of the bundles is 1,500 mm and the diameter 40 mm. This results in a bundle weight of 1 to 1.5 kg.

The bundles can also be supplied in the required length, the minimum length possible being 15 mm. For this additional service a 10 % charge applies.

We also supply minimal quantities of 1 kg, but if you would first like to test our filaments, then we can also arrange to supply even smaller quantities.

We can offer the optimal solution for your specific application!