Super finishing with HiT- (High Temperature) Brushes for the following materials:

Stainless steel

Special features:

Multiple service life compared to that of diamond belts (up to ten times and more, depending on application).

Self cleaning property of the tool (HiT-Brush).

No cambering of the rolls of the belt grinding machines, i.e. even and all-over wear of the tool.



Finishing of contours possible with relevantly formed tools.

Variations in tool density and grit grade possible.

Self sharpening property through continuously embedded diamond or silicon carbide particles.

For constant operational temperatures of up to 200°C, i.e. also suitable for dry applications.

Precise pressure control together with the Super Finishing Device TS 100 H-D,
i.e. repeatability of results.

Greatly reduced operating costs (around just 4 to 10%) compared to those with diamond belts, resulting from both the longer service life and lower costs of the HiT-Brushes.

We can offer the optimal solution for your specific application!